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Retro luxury at the Millenium Hotel

Retro luxury at the Millenium Hotel

I thought long and hard about how to describe the Millennium Hotel. In fact while we were there James and I talked about it at some length and came up with many verbose descriptions but in the end I’m going to describe it like this… The Millennium Hotel is a lot like James – it may not be the newest thing on the block but those years it has on the clock make it so much more interesting and the more time you spend there the more you realise that there is to discover. Aww, shucks – James is going to hate that one!!

We’ve become big fans of the Sky Perks app over the past couple of weeks so when we discovered we could get 20% off at Millennium Hotels and they had a room a week out from our impromptu visit it was pretty much decision made (if you have Sky make sure you download the app – it’s well worth it). They only had a club room left so we booked that – not knowing at that point just how epic a club room actually was. We’d never book anything else and we seriously suggest you don’t either.

Here’s the big things you need to know about a club room… #1 – No kids allowed on the whole floor. There’s something really quite wonderful about having absolutely no kids around when you have a child free weekend (sorry girls!) #2 – Club room happy hour We didn’t even know this was a thing and when we found out we pushed our dinner reservation back an hour so we could make the most of it. Wine, spirits and beer all available (at no charge) and delivered to your table by Liam – the very helpful and knowledgable Club Room host. There’s also a very tasty snacking board with cheeses and all the other snacks you would expect!

We couldn’t imagine it had changed that much from when it launched as a high end luxury hotel in the 80’s and there in lays its charm.

#3 – Breakfast and real coffee Come breakfast time Liam is back in the Club Room making flat whites and lattes to your hearts content and there’s a great continental breakfast on offer.

#4 – Great views The club rooms are on the top level and have awesome views out over the lake. I wish I had of got up a little earlier to see the sun rise over the lake with steam rising off it…

Outside of the Club offering the hotel itself is awesome. Unchanged from it’s heyday it still has marble counters in the bar and has a sky bridge over a garden connecting the wings. There’s an awesome pool downstairs, flanked by a couple of spa pools off to the side.

On the first night that we were there James and I also went downstairs for a massage at The Spa. So good and the same attention to detail everywhere with flowers floating in water under the hole that you put your head in. We loved it. Probably for all the reasons we thought we wouldn’t. It’s luxury on an 80’s scale and they we loved every second of it.

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