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Glamping at The Round Tent - Take 2

Glamping at The Round Tent - Take 2

We first went glamping at The Round Tent back in September (which you can read about here) and we instantly fell in love with it’s effortless charm, touch of decadence and the feeling of utter relaxation when you walked in the door.

The Round Tent is glamping at it’s absolute best! A Mongolian Yurt set against a backdrop of a twisting river with willows bowing down to meet it and ducks swimming lazily up and down, mountains for miles that are capped by mist when you wake up and lush green grass with alpacas strolling casually around.

Inside the yurt is absolute luxury – eclectic & comfortable furnishings with several spaces to relax and the ultimate for me – an outside bath.

When owner of The Round Tent, Jacqueline invited us back to The Round Tent for a night we decided to put it to it’s ultimate test – can the charm of The Round Tent stand up to a night with children? Oh and to make things really interesting we threw in a storm – complete with thunder, lightning, hail, rain and wind.

Now before we go on its worth mentioning that The Round Tent is primarily designed as a couples retreat. While they have bunk beds set up for children it is first and foremost a place to spend a romantic weekend away from the kids, not with the kids so we were really pushing it here.

From the moment we arrived the children fell in love with it as much as we did and within minutes all we heard was the sound of rain on the roof of the yurt, the quiet whir of the air conditioner keeping us toasty and little girls laughing as they wrote stories to their teachers about The Round Tent while James and I relaxed reading our books.

Of course they are kids so we had the inevitable melt down on the way back from dinner out in Raglan (on which – the deserts at Orca restaurant are to die for) but on the whole they were pretty awesome.

They are older which does help, and were easily occupied by the outside bath which easily fitted them, a 3d TV, a night time showing of Avatar and a fair few games of pick-up sticks.

The beds were super comfy as they were last time and despite the wind, rain and hail we stayed so toasty inside the yurt. The rain didn’t stop the girls heading outside to have a bath in the rain and eating toasted marshmallows (helpfully provided by The Round Tent – complete with toasting sticks and all).

They would have been happy staying at The Round Tent but we did drag them out to see Raglan (about 10 minutes down the road) to see the beach and have a bite to eat.

Our advice – it’s a great place to take the kids, but so much better if you can manage to find a sitter for the night and escape for a romantic escape by yourselves. Trust us – it’s totally worth it!

You can find out more about them here….

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