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The lost spring cocktails

Sipping Pina Coladas at The Lost Spring

Hot mineral pools from a lost spring in Whitianga that took 17 years to find, crystal caves, hidden paths and of course cocktails in the pool – there’s everything to love about The Lost Spring.

As Cyclone Cook tore through New Zealand and cut off the coast road from Thames to Coromandel it’s fair to say a few people were annoyed about having to change their travel plans.

We had planned to head up to see James parents in Waitete Bay (a little bay just before Colville) so we were cut off too. Like everything in life things are only as you see them though. This could be a big huge detour and a waste of a day. Or you could look at it as part of the journey. A chance to head up the other side of the coast and too visit The Lost Spring again.

The first time that we went to the Lost Spring was just after James and I got together and before Getting Lost had been born. It was our first weekend away as a couple when everyone knew we were together – the kids, our friends and family, even the ex. So it finally felt like we didn’t have to hide anything.

James planned the weekend away as a surprise – making our way leisurely up the eastern side of the Coromandel, laying in the hot water at Hot Water Beach, making our way down to Cathedral Cove and strolling through Whitianga and across on the ferry to Ferry Landing. It was utterly perfect and capped off by The Lost Spring.

The only thing that was not perfect with this weekend was the tension created by my ex-husband. I’m not going to dwell on it because that’s not what this blog is about but you can imagine how he was feeling having just found out that his ex-wife was off on a romantic weekend with her best friend of 26 years. It’s an understatement to say that it didn’t lend itself for a smooth ride for me so the time I should have spend enjoying my weekend I spent with nasty phone calls, feeling guilt ridden and pretty rubbish. Those of you who have gone through a similar thing will know all too well about – for those who don’t – divorce sucks. Divorce with kids sucks more.

So this Easter was my do-over weekend. A chance to travel the same roads but this time knowing that James and I had been together almost 3 years and that the kids were happy and settled and my ex-husband, about to be married himself, wouldn’t be calling!

Kids off with their other parents, we started our re-imagined weekend in Thames with breakfast with James Dad. I’ve spent a few pages writing about Thames in the past so I won’t write too much more but I do love how each time I come to Thames now it seems like there is a new space. This was my find this time…

We dropped the and as we set off up the coast I had one thing on my mind – cocktails!

We headed out of Kopu and at the roundabout spotted two hitch hikers with huge backpacks on their backs. “Shall we pick them up?” I asked James. And two minutes later we had two French teachers in the back seat of the car.

We had been planning on heading straight up to Whitianga but they were heading off to Hot Water Beach so we thought why not duck out of our way a bit.

We wound around the cyclone covered roads chatting away to the couple about what they loved about New Zealand and we gave them a few tips of our own (hope they were useful guys if you are ever reading this!)

I know you all want to hear about The Lost Spring (I promise, after 600 rambling words I am getting there) so I’m going to send you over to this story we wrote here if you want to read about Hot Water Beach.

So where was I? That’s right, The Lost Spring.

Finally, The Lost Spring!

There’s a lot to love about the Lost Spring.

There’s the history, the search for the Spring that took Alan Hopping 17 years of searching to find.

Hidden in a suburban Whitianga street with only a sign to hint what lays down the long driveway it feels like a real discovery from the moment you get there.

When you step in the door your feet literally sink into the plush red carpet. It’s a little like walking on air as you bounce your way into the serene surroundings.

The restaurant opens out to the pools all around with comfy intimate settings. We didn’t eat here this time but we did the first time and it was delicious!

The pools are something else…

Caves filled with crystals (we had someone comment on the Getting Lost Facebook page that you can feel the energy coming out of them which may explain some of the magic of the place)…

Paths winding through the hibiscus and lush greenery and swing bridges running over the pools…

Hidden caves and hot pools with natural mineral water, fresh from the underground spring nestled into the lush surrounds….

And of course cocktails bought to you in the pool….

And did I mention that the pools are 14+ so totally adults only zone?

It’s a brilliant spot to really get away from it all. Having been both at night and during the day I would have to say I do prefer it at night. There is just nothing so magical as floating around in the pools at night under the stars but to be honest, any time is pretty magical.

You can find out more about The Lost Spring here.

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