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Spending a day at Skyline in Rotorua

Spending a day at Skyline in Rotorua

The luge has to be our kids favourite thing to do in Rotorua (hey, I think it’s on most peoples lists!) but my bug bear in the past is that it feels like it’s over so quickly so this time we decided to really make the most of our time up the hill at Skyline Rotorua and ended up stayed for 5 hours.

So how did we plan our day?

Well at the bottom we purchased the family of 5 (yes, hooray, they do family of 5 pricing!) This included tickets for the Gondola and 2 luge rides each. It was $135 all up so not a bad start.

Stop and pose for cheesy gondola photo (seriously – these and the Smith and Caughey Santa Photos seem to be the only family photos I get – not that I’m complaining, I actually kind of like it!) and we’re on our way…

Once up the top we had a look around first and hired a locker (it’s a must do if you are planning on riding the luge) and then went for our first luge ride together as a family.

We’re very much split when it comes to our riding style. There’s me and the eldest who inch our way down the hill. Then there is James and the other two who fly down in no time flat.

We put the go-pro on our youngest and when we played it back got the best surprise as we listened to her singing “everything is awesome” as she flew down the hill!

The gondolas coming back up from the luge track have always made me a bit jumpy (it dates back to me and Dad on a ski lift when we forgot to put the bar down!) but with 5 of us we have to split up so they now all get to ride by themselves.

After our first ride we decided to have a break and have a picnic lunch on top of the hill and do a bit more exploring. There are loads of places that you can sit and watch the mountain bikers or the luge’ers (is that a word) descend down the hill!

It’s about then that the two youngest spotted the Sky Swing. As our little daredevils of the family this was the perfect activity for them – launching themselves from 50 metres above Skyline Rotorua and swinging out at 150 km per hour over Rotorua. So much so that both of them used their savings to pay for their own tickets! And I shouted James so that he could go up there with them too.

The video is just too priceless when the girls get up to 50 metres and realise just how high it is so we definitely recommend sticking around and watching the video!

After that James turned to me and said “What about if we buy the kids another ticket for the luge and we give them ours? Then, while they are riding the luge we can go and do that wine tasting I saw before”

And that James is why I love you!

The kids were ecstatic about getting a bit of freedom and went off with a bunch of rules in their head, threats of what would happen if rules were not obeyed and a fully charged phone. And James and I went of for a spot of wine tasting at the Volcanic Hills Tasting Room (oh la la).

Looking out over the whole of Rotorua the location is spectacular and at just $40 for a 5 wine tasting it was exceptional value.

James and I snuggled in on a big comfy leather couch with a cheese platter between us as we learnt all about the 5 wines on offer from the very knowledgable Volcanic Hills staff.

After their two rides we still weren’t finished so the kids all piled in one the couches and enjoyed the view too.

I have to say if your kids are big enough (and responsible enough) to let them go for a couple of rides while you slip of for a bit of wine tasting it really makes the day for both kids and adults.

Heading back down the hill we realised we’d spent the entire day at Skyline Rotorua and a thoroughly enjoyable one at that!

Details about them over on their website.

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