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Action World

Swinging & Sliding at Action World 

With this trip to Northland we let all of the kids choose and activity. Soph, the youngest and most adventurous was easy, she wanted to climb and swing from really high things. She had been going to do Adventure Forest because she loved it so much last time but when she saw Action World just out of Paihia she was instantly in love.

Naturally fearless with an insane amount of upper body strength she tried everything in the place with amazing skill!

All three girls had the safety briefing showing them how to fall safely onto specially designed mats and then they were off.

With different levels of risk for each of them they weren’t all going to love everything like Soph but crowd favourites were the huge inflatable slide, the crazy ladder and the water slide.

For our flying daredevil it was hard to beat the Trapeze and Monkey bars as she flew through the air way above us before dropping into cushiony softness below.

Close seconds for her would be the tight rope and the jousting bar – taking on anyone who would challenge her up there.

For Soph she sang through the air happily for 3 hours at Action World with the other two happy to play there for that long too. It was the great thing about everyone choosing something that they totally loved that they were generally more patient when the others had their turns.

All up a great day out and brilliant value at under $70 for a family pass.

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