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The Getting Lost Game

The Getting Lost Game - the unique Kiwi Travel Game

The Getting Lost Game is designed to inspire adventures and get people out of what they know and explore that untravelled path. It’s purposefully offline and deliberately like those games we played in those endless Summers of our childhood in the back of Dad’s car.

Designed by me (Cat) and James, we now have 13 Getting Lost Games to suit every style of play – from the weekend with the girls with our Girls Night Edition, to a day out with the family with our original and still most popular Adventurers Edition, to supercharging Summer adventures or getting out of your Date Night rut!

Each kit contains custom “misdirection cards” which give you random directions to discover new places where ever you are in the world. The directions are designed to be generic enough to work anywhere – things like turn left, follow a blue car or head in the direction the wind is blowing – but have been designed to guarantee a different game every time, even if you set out from the same spot. It’s the antidote to lives that have become increasingly curated by search engines and social media guiding us where to go.

You can play the game from home, on holiday, during the day, at night or even just pack your bags and head on holiday with no idea where you are going (like us over here, oh and here).

Frequently asked questions - The Getting Lost Game

When we designed the Getting Lost Game we had 7 rules –

  1. It had to be offline so you could play it anywhere and be unconnected for a while
  2. It had to be portable
  3. It had to be able to be used anywhere
  4. It had to be fun for kids and adults alike
  5. It had to be truly random so you could play it over and over again
  6. It couldn’t be hamstrung by rules
  7. And above all else, it had to create epic adventures

We reckon we’ve nailed it. But we’re not stopping there. The Getting Lost Game is made and continues to be re-imagined by players of the game, readers of our blog and followers over on our Facebook Page. If you have a great idea or suggestion get in touch with us at – we’d love to hear from you!

Your Adventurers Edition comes in a little suitcase, designed and made here in NZ with a biodegradable plant based plastic. You can choose to upgrade to a mini compass too.

You can find out about how we designed the game here, ideas on how to play the game here. Or you can listen to an interview with Cat over here about how to play and the idea behind the game. Or have a look at how Josh from The Project got lost using the Getting Lost Game.

There are no rules to the game and the ways you can play it are endless and entirely adaptable to the person playing the game.

Here’s some ideas we’ve had though…For quick play, pick a new direction card at each intersection

  • For a game that lasts a couple of hours pick a new card every 5 minutes
  • Want to keep it simple? Just keep in the direction cards (left, right, north, south etc) and take out the trickier ones
  • Looking for a weekend get away? Play the game until you get the “head for home” card and then find a hotel or campground in what ever town you are in when you get the card
  • Don’t want to stop for treats? Take the treat and drink card out before you start playing
  • Want to be totally unplugged? There is only one card that requires the internet (Google the word lake) so just take that one out
  • Send the kids off for a walk with the game to explore new places
  • Arrive in a new city and set off walking with the cards – take a new direction at each intersection
  • Want to surprise someone? Add in your own card in the middle (seriously – anyone looking for a proposal card please let us know – we’ve already made four!)

The game is available in our online shop and shipping to NZ, Australia, USA, UK and Canada. Or if you are in New Zealand you can find it at one of our great stockists around New Zealand.

Still got questions? Check out our frequently answered questions here or send us an e-mail at

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