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Mount Hot Pools

The Mount Hot Saltwater Pools

The Mount Hot Pools feel to me like something that could only possible happen in New Zealand.

For starters they sit under an extinct volcano. And the said volcano is dotted with caravans and camp sites, some on quite a good lean.

Mount Hot Pools

Next, it’s filled with hot salt water!

Apparently it is a one of a kind in the Southern Hemisphere and it’s amazing to swim in. It’s said to rebalance and detoxify our bodies and I definitely felt great after my swim. Back in the 1920’s they used to dig holes on the beach to swim in the hot salt water but in 1966 (after I imagine the inevitable back and forth with the council) it opened as a swimming pool.

And finally, like all good Kiwi attraction it has resisted the temptation to become ultra modern and slick. It doesn’t seem like too much has changed by the way of design since the 60’s with the Mount Hot Pools still retaining their retro charm that make it easy to imagine how amazing it must have been when Leisure Island was in operation just across the road too.

Mount hot pools

The pools are the perfect temperatures for any kind of weather and when we went weren’t overcrowded at all despite it being a weekend. There are places for kids to play and places for the adults to hang out and a big pool in the middle for everyone.

It’s a brilliant family pool to visit and experience something a little out of the ordinary or sooth tired bodies after walking up Mount Maunganui.

And while you are there make sure you make the walk out to the old site of Leisure Island so you can imagine what this 80’s theme park looked like and check out some of the amazing views.

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