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The Round Tent

The Round Tent

Utterly the best place to get lost ever – The Round Tent in Raglan.

We had no particular reason or excuse to go away for the weekend, except for it was our first child free weekend in 2 months that happened to coincide with availability at The Round Tent (serendipitous indeed).

Set about 10km out of Raglan this amazing glamping experience will set you back about the same amount as a night in an Auckland hotel but leave you more refreshed than a night in the city ever could.

With a rural outlook over farm and a river (complete with ducks and sheep wandering past every hour or so) from the moment you arrive everything feels almost too perfect to be true.

Incredibly private we didn’t see anyone the entire time and we felt instantly at home.

We wanted to make the most of our stay and not worry about driving home after a few drinks so we bought our own wine and food and cooked some steak and prawns on the bbq and sat there sipping Moet while we watched the sun set. Just to set the record straight here sipping Moet is not usually something we do (although I could get used to it!). I won a bottle at work and it seemed the perfect occasion to have it. It totally was.

Everything has been thought of. From the wonderfully funky and eclectic mix of furniture, to the wide range of DVD’s, serving platters and games. There was literally nothing else we could have asked for.

The bed was one of the most comfortable I have ever slept on (I would love to know where they get those pillows!) and the air conditioning kept the tent (or I should say yurt) at a comfortable temperature all night.

The bed

The bed

Relaxing with a bottle of Moet

Places to relax inside and out Relaxation

Forget the best glamping experience around, The Round Tent is the best accommodation around the Auckland region. Hands down. Loads of room for two they even have bunk beds for little ones but if you can get them babysat instead I would thoroughly recommend going that way instead.

You can find out more about The Round Tent here…

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