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Top 5 places to stay in New Zealand

Top 5 places to stay in New Zealand

We get to stay in a lot of amazing places as we travel around New Zealand so we thought it was about time we made a list of our top 5 places to stay in New Zealand as voted by Getting Lost! These are places that are worthy of going for the accommodation alone and range from everything from campgrounds, to yurts, to country manors.

#1 Camp Glenorchy

Located in Glenorchy (in the South Island, just out of Queenstown) this is a campground like no other! It has all the heart of a campground, and you can rock up here in your camper van (or stay in one of their amazing cabins) but it is so much more…

Set in one of the most idyllic spots in New Zealand it combines sustainability & state of the art technology with comfort and manages to look amazing at the same time. The cabins are unlike anything I’ve seen before. Made to be as kind to the environment as possible and using recycled materials they are also super comfy and warm.

Still not sold? How about if we through in that all the profits go back to the community?

It’s the most luxurious campground we’ve ever stayed in and you will truly feel like you got away from it all here.

It has an extra special place in our hearts because it’s where we got ready for our wedding too.

Getting ready at Camp Glenorchy. Photo thanks to Sunshine Weddings –

More on our blog post over here…

#2 Henley Hotel

From the moment I pressed the buzzer and the gates swung open to let me in the tree lined drive I was in love with Henley Hotel.

This country manor is located in the North Island in Cambridge and is truly sensational.

Henley Hotel

It makes you feel like you have stepped inside the lifestyle of the rich and famous (for little more than the cost of a hotel in the main cities). And to complete this feeling is the wonderful staff who will greet you at the door and call you down for a little pre-dinner drinks in a chandelier lit bar.

With an onsite restaurant, spa, pool and bikes to explore the expansive grounds you won’t need to leave.

This amazing spot is adults only so book the babysitter and head away for an amazing weekend retreat.

More about Henley Hotel (and loads more pictures) over here….

#3 The Round Tent

The Round Tent is the first place we blogged about. We’d just spent an amazing weekend in Raglan in this luxury yurt and we figured that other people may want to hear about some of the places we discovered. It turns out a few of you did… 😉

There is just so much to love about The Round Tent. There’s the outdoor bath where you can sit and watch the nearby stream or the fire pit where you can toast marshmallows.

There’s the luxurious set up inside the yurt itself where you can lounge around and read a book or play a game and forget about the rest of the world.

You can venture into Raglan for food but we recommend you spend every minute here you can and bring along your own wine and food and settle in for the night.

More over here…

#4 Pacific Rendezvous Resort

This is a new find for us. Located on the cliffs above Tutukaka this family friendly resort has everything you could want in holiday accomodation and more.

It’s hard to go past the views. I’d find it hard to even relax and read a book without my eyes wandering to the sensational vista out the window.

But what also makes it an absolutely brilliant family getaway is the private beaches, the bbq’s set up throughout the camp (all with their own amazing vistas), the awesome kids playground and the pool. It really does have it all…

More on this amazing spot over here…

#5 Hippy Hut

The Hippy Hut was found by our middle child (who was 10 at the time). We gave them a budget for each day and they had to budget for an activity and somewhere to stay.

Hippy Hut

Kiki wanted to go horse riding down 90 mile beach which added up for 5 of us so she needed to save some money on accommodation so found the Hippy Hut in Kohukohu for just $60 a night.

Ahipara Horse Treks

It’s somewhere I never would have booked myself but it was so amazing!

It has it’s own lake and in no time at all the kids were swinging through the bushes on this wonderland of a playground.

You even get a bush walk every time you need to use the toilet…

More over here…

And a bonus spot…

I debated where we put Waitomo Caves Hotel. It’s not for everyone but I loved it so much I had to add it in as a bonus.

We’ve written loads about it over here if you want more background and pictures, but the guts of it is that it’s an old hotel in disrepair with a fairly hefty volume of ghost stories and sightings surrounding it.

For me, if there were any ghosts there they were of the friendly, mischievous type and I LOVED it.

I’m definitely against any kind of upgrading here and if you are up for a quirky type of holiday (and aren’t scared of ghosts) you should definitely check it out.

If you end up going to one, make sure you tell them Getting Lost sent you. xx

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