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Total relaxation at Te Aroha

Total relaxation at Te Aroha

So if you are not like us and have a Mum with an awesome spa pool sitting looking out over the Thames Valley with some of the best home cooking you are likely to get then the very next best bet is to head out to Te Aroha Mineral Spa for the amazing mineral spa pools.

Just a half hour drive from Thames, Te Aroha is one of those small towns that looks inviting from the moment you arrive.

Flanked by the ranges with tidy houses and cute shops Te Aroha has lots to discover. On our trip however though we went up to The Domain Cottage Cafe, before heading off to watch a friend race at the Te Aroha go cart track and then back for the before mentioned spa.

The Te Aroha spa is quite a unique experience. They are pretty busy so it pays to book in advance. Once your allotted time arrives you will be directed to a room where you can fill your wooden tub to the level and temperature you need.

And the water feels amazing!! The spa’s are filled with natural, silky smooth hot soda water and feels incredible on your skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth long after you get out.

If you have the time (and we recommend here that you make the time!) – definitely book in for a massage. It’s the perfect way to get that total relaxation and if you both go for a massage then one of you will get time to hang out in this little room – complete with chocolate!

Te Aroha is an awesome spot for a relaxing day out of the city. And there are loads of places to stop by on the way like this little spot just out of Te Aroha which boasts James favourite waterhole for swimming in the region (it’s by the entrance to The Wires if you are looking for it)!

And while you exploring these parts you can find out why we are crushing on nearby Thames too.

You can find out more about the spa here.

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