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Tree Adventures

Tree Adventures

Our girls are monkeys. They are forever climbing things and seem to have no limit or fear. So what better thing to do for Krystal’s 8th birthday than to take her out to Tree Adventures in Woodhill Forest.

We set of on our adventure with James, my sister and I and 6 over excited pre-tween girls!

With time in mind we did set the GPS so we didn’t get lost – much to the disdain of the girls to whom getting lost is the epitome of fun.

Once we arrived at Tree Adventures however all was forgiven. Its good old fashioned fun!! There are no fancy gadgets or screens – just trees, lots of them to climb and swing from.

Sophia at 6 was a little short to go up by herself so James had to head up with the girls in the trees while me and my sister shouted words of encouragement from below.

Krystal's 8th birthday-6764

We put the party food on a bbq table and cooked some sausages up for lunch (and of course I forgot the sauce).

It felt like birthday parties the way they used to be when I was young before everything became so commercialised and complicated. We felt a million miles away from the city, while only being 40 minutes away to deliver the girls back home to their parents after a 6 hour adventure!

All up a great day out with the kids for a birthday party of special treat.

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