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Treetop Redwood Walk Rotorua Thuebridge lights

Walking in the treetops in Rotorua

We had so many people tell us we had to check out the Treetop Walk at the Redwood Forest at night (thanks Eileen, Erin, Marie, Rebecca, Sarah, Karen, Jan, Megan, Scott, Hailey and Kiri for the suggestions over on the Getting Lost Facebook page – you can see why this one went to the top of our list with so many recommendations).

From the moment I first heard about it I knew that it was a must do for us. Well, for me. James was quite content on a boozy dinner so I had to take one for the team and be the sober driver (harder than it seems with the cocktails on offer at The Terrace Kitchen but luckily they do some awesome alcohol free versions).

And I have to say it was totally worth staying sober for.

We arrived just after sunset and after paying our $25 admission we wound our way around a Redwood and then we were up in the trees.

Walking over suspension bridges strung from tree to tree it felt like being in an other worldly magical place.

Strung through the forest everywhere were Truebridge lights providing a whole new dimension to the walk.

The way that the bridges are strung protects the trees but the platforms bounce around a lot so if you are hoping to get the perfect tree top photo you are going to struggle both with and without a tripod (I tried) so my advice would be to leave the camera and tripod down the bottom and enjoy the walk without worrying about carrying it with you. When you finish the walk head into the forest and set up under the giant Redwoods and take photos to your hearts content (to get the best shots you will need to use a long exposure and a tripod – these are taken at 30” exposure).

It was a truly magical experience and I’ll definitely be back to do it in the daytime. Here’s all the details for booking…

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