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Sunset in Thames

Watching the sunset in Thames

There are two things that make Thames great for watching the sunset. The first is that no matter where you are watching the water you will be facing west. The second, the coast line stretches out for miles so there is no shortage of vantage points to watch the sunset from.

My favourite vantage point however is along the Hauraki Rail Trail.

Thames is very tidal so depending on the tide you will get a different view…

Be it full tide with the ocean shimmering…

Sunset in Thames

Or low tide with mud that stretches out so far it seems entirely possible to make it to Auckland (or at least that is how I used to feel when James was living down this way and I was living in Auckland)…


The view changes if you are looking out over the old wharf – complete with it’s own personalities.

Or if you head further up the coast where the setting sun reflects of the windows of the baches dotted along the coast line and bringing them to life.

Sunset at Thames

If you fancy a wine while you watch the sunset and maybe a bit to eat then the Fish and Chip shop at The Wharf is the best place to head with stunning views as well as a good range of wines and beers as well as some mighty fine fish and chips.


I would wager that I have watched the sun set more times over the Firth of Thames than I have anywhere else – in part because we visit a lot and that just seems to be what me and James do, in part because I live near east facing beaches most days with glorious sunrises but not wonderful sunsets but mostly because it really is one of the most beautiful places to watch the sunset.

But don’t take my word for it – go and watch a sunset yourself. Just don’t forget to send me a picture, and if you see me there taking my own pictures pop over and say hi…

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