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Water Works

Water Works

It would be hard to write about Driving Creek Railway and not mention Water Works, with both oozing kiwi ingenuity and great family fun with more than a nod to the environment.

Water Works is one of those places that every kiwi should visit – it’s a theme park unlike any other with over 70% of the attractions made from recycled materials and powered by water.

You could spend a day reading the quirky facts and jokes scattered around the park – let alone all the attractions made not only in child size but big enough for Mums and Dads to let their inner child loose too…

4 January-7668

The big kids on the big swings

It’s adventure like adventure should be for kids – not glossy and packaged but natural and wild, with just a hint of scary. For our girls one of the scariest parts had to be making the leap into the water hole (made harder by the shark sign which the oldest two could read but not appreciate the sarcasm). Fears or sharks and heights pushed aside they were in and then there was no stopping them…

4 January-7573

You could spend hours and hours here – flying down flying foxes, spinning on hessian covered circles, riding bikes through space or spinning in huge tyres.

Our tips to get the most out of Water Works are…

  • Grown ups, cut out that grown up nonsense immediately and remember how to play. This place is really boring if you don’t get amongst it.
  • If you do it right, you will get wet – take a change of clothes in a plastic bag and some togs too
  • It will be hot – there isn’t a huge amount of shade so take hats and sunblock
  • Some activities can be a little too adventurous for little ones – make sure it is a good match for your childs ability before you put them on it (trying it yourself is always good – refer to point 1)
  • There are plenty of places for picnics and BBQ’s and a cafe too.

The Water Works website is brilliant and has loads more information – including more around the back story of Water Works.

All up – it’s a brilliant day out that will make you feel like you are back in your childhood again (except this time around you are friends with MacGyver and he has made you a lot of cool stuff out of nothing).

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