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Well priced, great family fun at Hamner Springs

Well priced, great family fun at Hamner Springs

About an hour and a half from Christchurch Hamner Springs is an easy drive from Christchurch.

We drove in tandem with James and 5 children (our 3 plus Sarah’s two) in the Camper Van and me and Sarah followed behind having a great old time talking about anything and everything. From the sounds of things the “Daddy Day Care bus” as it was dubbed by Krystal was the best party bus around! I’m surprised we didn’t see it rocking as we drove…

Campervan on the road to Hamner Springs

Campervan on the way to Hamner Springs

We stopped for marmite sammies and a few supplies at Culverden. Lots of picnic tables and a well stocked dairy!

Dairy at Culverden

Dairy at Culverden

On to Hamner and to my shock and horror I found that they had at least two camping grounds. As I have said in previous posts, organisation is not my strong point so I had blindly assumed when booking several months before that the Hamner Springs camping ground was THE Hamner Springs camping ground.

In a mild panic I rang the first one that I saw and asked if by any chance they had a booking for me. They didn’t and didn’t seem overly happy about suggesting other local camping grounds I could try (why ever not?)

Fortunately I hit the jackpot with the second camp ground and they had us booked in to a powered site for night two of our South Island Campervan Holiday.

Camper Van successfully stowed and we were on to the pools.

Amazing variety of pools from the kiddies pools to the lazy river to the super hot (including some adults only) mineral pools.

The spring weather still wasn’t super hot and unfortunately for us the kids preferred the luke warm kids pools to the hot mineral pools so it was a matter of tag teaming between Sarah, James and I to all try and get a little time in the hot pools.

Sophia, despite all her verge eating over the past 3 months, remained half a centimetre too short for the hydra slides (if you have a little one that is on the verge of 120cm don’t promise slides as they are very strict) but could go on the super bowl with an adult.

You get in to the super bowl on an inflatable ring (in my case a double with Sophia) – are sent down a slide and then spun around a bowl several times before being spat out another slide at the other end. It wasn’t as alarming as it sounds but I was kind of relieved when Sophia said it was too cold to line up for another turn and didn’t even mind that I had paid $5 for her and $10 for me to have just one turn.

Hamner Springs Super Bowl

Hamner Springs Super Bowl

All in all – it was well priced, great family fun at Hamner Springs. If you manage to spot the pool photographer definitely call her over. It’s challenging conditions to photograph in but I wager that most of you won’t be taking your camera in the pool (I know I wasn’t) and she really does capture great moments.

You can find out more about the pools here…

In terms of where to stay… there are a couple of options for camper vans. The one we went for was really basic (and cheap) and did the job perfectly for a one night stay after a long day swimming. You can find more information about it here…

From James….

The things that stood out for me where the adult spa, the super bowl and being able to buy a beer.

How we rated it…

Sophia (6 years old) rates it 10/10

Krystal (8 years old) rates it 10/10

Bella (9 years old) rates it 10/10

James rates it 8/10 Cat rates it 8/10

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