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De Bretts Thermal Pools

Why we went to DeBrett thermal pools in the middle of a heat wave

The kids were desperate to go to DeBrett thermal pools on our holiday but I was a little bit unsure. Should you go to DeBretts on a hot day? Surprisingly the answer to this one is yes, you should go to Taupo DeBretts Spa Resort on a hot day.

It’s a great place to go any day but don’t let the warmer weather put you off. And if you are wondering how hot is hot? We went in the midst of a January heatwave with temperatures in the low 30’s in Taupo.

So here’s our 5 things we loved about DeBretts in 30 degree + temperatures.

#1 It really is all seasons

I’ve been going to DeBretts since I was in my early 20’s. My friends and I would drive up from Wellington on a cold winter weekend and soak in the hot pools so not surprisingly I’ve always thought of DeBretts and Winter together.

We found out, quite by accident, that a warm pool is actually really refreshing on a hot day after our stay at Bayview Lodge in Taupo so we were more open to trying hot pools than we may have been.

There are two really hot pools at DeBretts. I couldn’t last more than a couple of minutes in them and the kids didn’t even try, but there were some brave souls sweating in there. If you do, drink lots.

It didn’t matter thought because there were plenty of spaces that were cooler and another bonus – it’s not super crowded on a hot day.

#2 It feels like a magical hideaway

The last leg of the journey to DeBretts is on foot. There is a tree lined path down that heads steeply into the valley and speaks of adventure as you see peaks of the pools nestled below in the valley.

DeBretts Thermal Pools

On your way down you will find waterfalls cascading down the hill, but instead of cold mountain water they have hot mineral water flowing directly into the pools.

The fact that nothing has been updated adds to the charm and the feeling that you’ve stumbled on something a little magic hidden in the valley.

#3 Passes last all day

We bought our tickets and were given a pass that let us come and go for the whole day.

Soph, our youngest, was so blown away that she turned to the lady behind the till and said “I think I want to hug you right now”. And luckily they are all pretty friendly down there and she told her to bring it right on in.


#4 Slide races

DeBretts have 3 slides – a Dragon Slide and two racing slides.

They may not look like much when you first arrive but according to our girls (and judging by the screams of the kids going down) they are epic.

The advantage to having 3 slides when you have 3 girls is they can all start at the same time up the top and race each other down to the bottom.

DeBretts Slides

#5 Something for everyone

I love that DeBretts has a little something for everyone.

They have the water park which is great for running through and cooling off for everyone from the littlest to the biggest in the family. I had a go and I definitely wasn’t the only grown up!


There are quiet places to swim and the more rowdy freshwater pools where you can put your head under.

And dotted around the pool are loads of comfy chairs to relax while the kids keep on playing long after you’re wrinkled to prune state.

De Bretts

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