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Centennial Park

Why you should absolutely not tell anyone about Centennial Park

I’ve got a secret.

I know, why am I sharing it on here – but trust me, I’ve shared two other secret spots in Auckland here (secret spot one is here, secret spot two is here) and they are still nice and quiet. I guess we’re just not that popular. Or you all just don’t tell anyone about them. Or maybe you all come at different times. In either case I think the Centennial Park can handle the visitor numbers of me sharing it on here!

I stumbled across Centennial Park in Campbells Bay a couple of years ago. I had a family photo shoot and the family I was photographing suggested meeting there. I googled and couldn’t find much about it so was feeling pretty skeptical when I arrived.

A few minutes later though I understood exactly why they had chosen this place!

Kowhia trees blooming yellow and framing a winding walkway.

Wild roses blooming along the many paths.

Spring flowers growing abundantly through the long grass – oh so perfect for capturing photos of little ones at play (I don’t share photos from my family photo sessions so you’ll have to imagine these ones!)

There are so many things to explore at Centennial Park down the many paths. It’s a great place to walk the dogs, go on imaginary bear hunts with the kids, go bird watching, take photos or just wander.

If you are looking for the perfect spot to take a family photo here are the directions you need to follow…

Park in the carpark just down from the tennis courts.

Head down the hill by the path that starts with a sign that looks like this….

When you get to a fork in the path, turn right.

Keep going until you get to this little spot.

It has everything you need for amazing photos.

A Kowhai tree helpfully spilling over the path to create the perfect frame. Wildflowers, long grass and even a chair.

But remember it’s a secret so don’t tell too many people okay…

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