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Why you should stay at Wiley Court

Why you should stay at Wiley Court

This trip to Rotorua with the kids we stayed at Wiley Court for the first time. Spacious rooms, an amazing pool, a hot tub coupled with reasonable rates – it definitely gets our tick of approval.

One of my bug bears when booking hotels is how few places cater for families with more than 2 children (yes, there are some of us still out there). Our kids are 9, 10 and 12 so they are a bit big for couches and actually we want them all to have a really good night sleep so they are ready for the next day adventuring.

So that was the first big tick for Wiley Court. Not only did they have enough “real” beds for all of us but the kids had their own level – complete with TV and ensuite. The other really great thing was that it was a loft level which it gave the kids enough separate space.

The second tick was the pool. Our kids are fish. They love the water and would happily spend an entire weekend swimming.

The pool is big and most importantly heated. And heated enough that even in June it is still warm enough to swim. It’s actually my favourite time of the year for hot pools, with the steam rising and swirling around on cold winter mornings it gives it a whole other feel.

Situated in the middle of the units it became something of a mecca for all the kids and at one point our girls had initiated a game of Marco Polo with no less than 10 other kids in the pool. Despite it being obviously popular it never felt crowded. I was in there at one point with the kids and some 20 other people and I didn’t feel crowded at all.

It is up the “other end” of Fenton Street so you’re looking at a taxi ride to Eat Street if Mum and Dad are wanting to have a few drinks. Our experience on this front though – taxi’s in Rotorua are quick and affordable so a great option.

For you 80’s children it’s also a quick walk from Wylie Court to Cobb n Co which is a must do with your children. The foods not much changed from the 80’s but they will greet you with a “Welcome Back to Cobb n Co” and they still have the traffic lights and the Cobb crunchies which makes it worthy of a visit alone!

More details about Wylie Court over on their website.

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