My promise to Katikati to stop being a passer through

I feel like I’ve done you wrong a few times now Katikati. 

Every time I drive through I love that little peak of ocean you get as you come around the bend.

Every time I drive through I peer down each of the roads off the main road and think what a great place it would be to play the Getting Lost Game. 

Every time I drive through I look at the roads flanked by trees that look like surely they would lead to some amazing adventures. 

Every time I drive through I look at the orchards with signs inviting us in or the bags of avacados at prices that would start a riot in Auckland. 

Every time I drive through I see the sign for Sapphire Springs and think how cool it would be to visit there.  It looks absolutely amazing!

And then every time I just keep on driving.  I’m sorry Katikati.  It’s me, not you.  I’m not a frequent passer through but I admit on the times I have I just keep driving – always in a race to get to something or back to something.  And that’s not how we should roll.

But this time I was determined to stop, even if only for a little while and start to put things right and do a little exploring.

It wasn’t a lot, but it’s a start Katikati and I promise to do more.  You can hold me to it now I’ve put it on the blog.

So where did we explore?

We started at the sculpture of Barry – because what an epic place to start.

Barry Katikati

Barry is flanked by a museum on one side and an art gallery on the other and right behind Barry is a playground with loads to keep even the big kids entertained.


But don’t stop exploring there.  Head on out behind the playground and you’ll find a Maori herb garden (with each herb marked with what it does) with brightly coloured park benches to watch the river below.

Go a little further and you will find a jail.  Built in 1880 it has a sign that warns not to look at the prisoners – which of course is impossible. 

I won’t tell you what you will find – you will have to go there yourself and have a look. 

Katikati Jail

I may even see you there….