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Getting Lost Travel Blog

Getting Lost the Travel Blog began in 2014. It was born shortly after Cat and James rekindled their relationship after a 20+ year break.

It was the love child of two people who just couldn’t be more different. James, a Joiner from the Hauraki Plains, was fearless – hunting and gathering, exploring shipwrecks, jumping into hidden water holes and sliding down hills.

Cat, a Strategist in an Auckland Advertising Agency and part time photographer knew a lot of restaurants, was constantly on the hunt for the perfect photo and had an infallible knack for getting lost. Oh and then there’s the 3 daughters they were now trying to bring together.

It was a brilliant, beautiful, messy chaos – full with wonderful exploration and a random adventure of getting lost that started it all. So now they’ve amassed over 200 stories, they’ve built a big, wonderful community who love random adventure too and they’ve created a travel adventure game that’s sold more than 100,000 games around the world.

You can find our latest adventures here or explore by destination below.

Recent posts

Zeelong Tea Estate

A spot of High Tea at Zeelong Tea Estate

It was the weekend for all things luxurious and fancy. So it was fitting that after our night in luxury at Henley House we would find ourselves at Zeelong Tea Estate for...
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Exploring Hamilton Zoo

Exploring Hamilton Zoo

Hamilton Zoo is hands down my favourite zoo. I know that other zoo’s have more animals and are bigger but for me there is something really special about this little zoo. I...
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hamilton Gardens

Get lost in the Hamilton Gardens

Free & utterly amazing – what’s not to love about the Hamilton Gardens! You can easily spend a day walking around the Hamilton Gardens and not run out of things to do...
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