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The Mum's Edition

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This game gets Mum who always put others first to have a day out with the family that is all about them

The Mum's Edition of the Getting Lost Game is a real world travel adventure game designed to give you 15 ways to treat Mum while you are spending time together.

Whether it's Mother's Day, Mum's birthday or just because Mum is awesome and deserves a day out - these 15 cards are specially designed for her. Not only will Mum have a gift but she'll get to spend time with you and come home with a bunch of flowers you picked her, something heart shaped you found her, she'll have stopped for a treat, told some stories, visited old haunts and maybe even got a clean car!

Perfect for every type of Mum, I've played it with my 65 year old Mum and grown up siblings, and I've played it with my kids.

As with all our games we get ideas and feedback from our Getting Lost crew on Facebook, subscribers to our e-mails, purchasers and players of our games. Special thanks to the Magvay family, the Quinn Family, Claire and Louise who have had their misdirection suggestions included in this very special edition of the Getting Lost Game.

  • Recommended age

    All Ages

  • Average game time

    1-2 hours

  • Stand alone or combine?

    Can be used as a standalone but combine with Aussie / Adventurers for more direction cards

  • Activity or Directions?

    Mostly activity, with a few directions

  • Group or solo play?


  • Number of cards in this pack


More information

As with all our games we get ideas and feedback from our Getting Lost crew on Facebook, subscribers to our e-mails, purchasers and players of our games.

Our cards measures 91mm x 55mm. They have misdirection cards on one side and NZ and Australian locations (known as our inspiration cards) on the other side. All these locations can be found on our blog so its perfect for a little holiday inspiration and dreaming.

Want to customise your game? You can add mini compass or grab one of our suitcases in your favourite colour. Our suitcases fit 45 cards and are great for combining packs and taking them out and about.

Please remember to play the game responsibly and make sure that you stay safe and able to get yourself back home at all times.  If you have any other questions please e-mail us at

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Seriously the best gift for any adventure lover! Also a great game to gift mums to entice fun family time!

Thank you for the review - we really appreciate it. :-)



Janine B.

These were a Christmas gift and the recipient loved them. I bought the ones in the cardboard boxes and placed them all in a little wicker basket to keep them together, looked like a mini picnic hamper.