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The Kiwi Out of Town Edition

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This game gets people who are exploring out of the main cities to explore in a way unique to New Zealand

The Kiwi Out of Town Edition has 15 misdirection cards specifically written for when you're getting lost out of town in New Zealand.

Designed for a few laughs as well as inspiration you'll find cards like "Cow - go left, Sheep - go right".  We've also added a twist on your favourite cards - Stop for a treat is now Stop for a treat at the next dairy with a Tip Top sign and Head for Home is now Head for home after you see a tractor.

Our other games have generic misdirections that are easily transportable to where ever you are in the world.  The Out of Town Edition is the most "Kiwi" of all our misdirection cards so if you are playing outside of NZ you will need to adapt a few cards for your local area with some local features like Tip Top Dairies (a well known ice cream brand in NZ) and Pukeko's (a large, blue-purplish, wetland-dwelling bird spotted often in NZ).

  • Recommended age

    All Ages

  • Average game time

    1-2 hours

  • Stand alone or combine?

    Stand alone

  • Activity or Directions?

    Mostly direction, with a few activities

  • Group or solo play?

    Can be used in a group or solo

  • Number of cards in this pack


More information

As with all our games we get ideas and feedback from our Getting Lost crew on Facebook, subscribers to our e-mails, purchasers and players of our games.

Our cards measures 91mm x 55mm. They have misdirection cards on one side and NZ and Australian locations (known as our inspiration cards) on the other side. All these locations can be found on our blog so its perfect for a little holiday inspiration and dreaming.

Want to customise your game? You can add mini compass or grab one of our suitcases in your favourite colour. Our suitcases fit 45 cards and are great for combining packs and taking them out and about.

Please remember to play the game responsibly and make sure that you stay safe and able to get yourself back home at all times.  If you have any other questions please e-mail us at

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kitty Frederikson
Getting Lost Out of Town

My friend and I are highly experienced in getting lost on rural roads (and some that aren't quite roads). We've even managed to have Search & Rescue alerted on one occasion. Neither of us seem to have much sense of direction. This game has added an extra exciting element to our travels in that it sets the expectation that we're going to get lost right from the start. Very satisfying! My son is appalled, by the way, - he said that the last thing we needed was encouragement!

LOL, I love it!! Please send photos (and try not to get search and rescue called again!!)

Out of town fun!!

Looking forward to trying this one out when we head out of town. Loving the whole range so far. Even bought the editors sets so I can add some of our own spin on them as well. Great idea and so much fun.

Oh have fun!! It's a real Kiwi one this one!


Excellent choices. I’m expecting fun

Looks awesome

It looks awesome but as it’s a Christmas gift I cannot comment on it’s functionality

Chrissy Allan

Purchased this as a gift for a friend. She was thrilled and is going to take her 2 grandsons on the adventure with her.