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The Business Edition

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This game gets small business owners who sometimes feel lost in business to try different strategic tools and techniques to unlock new thinking.

Your Getting Lost Business Edition consists of two parts:

1 - The game

We think running a business should be fun, but we know first hand that it's not always.  So we’ve taken the things we learned in growing our business and turned it in to a game  – the Getting Lost Business Edition.

You'll find 60 challenge cards.  Half of them are "Quick Wins" - designed to be completed in under an hour.  The other half are "The Long Game".  These are the chunky, big things you can do to help your business thrive.

2 - The notebook

We know cards alone aren't going to be enough so to support you with you long game cards we've created a notebook - A Guide to NOT Getting Lost in Business.  

The notebook is designed to be interactive and is packed full of examples of the wins, the stuff ups,  the lucky breaks and the (once we were done getting lost) strategic planning as we grew  Getting Lost from a side hustle to a multi million dollar export business.  

It has 32 worksheets  with practical tools and tips that you can use as you plan your way to your own success.  As well as your physical notebook you will also be sent a download with the worksheets so you have extras to use!

Special thanks to these amazing businesses....

We could not have made the Getting Lost Business Edition without the help of these amazing NZ businesses who helped us test and gave us feedback every step of the way.  Thanks so much to STOKEDNZ, Becca Project, Ecovask, Better Tea Co,, Salt & Oil NZ, Amélie'sRyan's Daughter Photography, The Mad Plantist, Smarty Pants & Phoenix Design.

  • Recommended age

    All Ages

  • Average game time

    4+ hours

  • Stand alone or combine?

    Stand alone

  • Activity


  • Group or solo play?

    Mostly solo, unless you want to include others

  • Number of cards in this pack


More information

As with all our games we get ideas and feedback from our Getting Lost crew on Facebook, subscribers to our e-mails, purchasers and players of our games.

Our cards measures 91mm x 55mm. They have misdirection cards on one side and NZ and Australian locations (known as our inspiration cards) on the other side. All these locations can be found on our blog so its perfect for a little holiday inspiration and dreaming.

Want to customise your game? You can add mini compass or grab one of our suitcases in your favourite colour. Our suitcases fit 45 cards and are great for combining packs and taking them out and about.

Please remember to play the game responsibly and make sure that you stay safe and able to get yourself back home at all times.  If you have any other questions please e-mail us at

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Practical and impactful

As a small business owner who sometimes feels lost in the sea of daily operations and strategic planning, I found the Getting Lost: Business Edition to be a true game-changer.

Gamifying business strategy is a brilliant approach that helped me break through mental blocks and encouraged creative thinking.

The accompanying notebook is packed with real-life examples, practical tools, and tips derived from the creators' journey of growing their business from a side hustle to a multi-million dollar export enterprise, in the New Zealand market - so it felt relevant and inspiring.

The interactive worksheets are invaluable, offering tools and tips that are easy to understand and highly relevant. I’ve already started applying these strategies to plan my business growth for the next year. The tools pushed me out of my comfort zone and expanded my thinking. These tools have helped me consider new product ranges and even pitch for more funding. Revisiting foundational strategies is always beneficial, but these new approaches are truly transformative.

The tips provided are practical and insightful, coming from real experience. These small yet impactful suggestions are things you wouldn't know unless guided by someone knowledgeable.

There is a lot to work through in this edition, striking a good balance between foundational exercises, growth strategies, reflection, and quick wins.

Overall, the Getting Lost: Business Edition is a clever, innovative, and highly useful tool that every small business owner should consider. It's fun, engaging, and provides practical, actionable insights that reconnect you with your business and help you think strategically.

Thank you for the review Tamarin and your feedback. Glad to have you as a business buddy!

Brilliant tool for every business owner!

The first time I read this, I was almost in tears during the first few pages as it resonated so much with me.
Continuing through I found myself nodding in agreement constantly, and I feel so motivated to move my business forward.
Having been in business for 10 years, there is still more to learn every single day - and you don't know what you don't know. The Business Edition of Getting Lost is full of ideas and real life examples, all written in every day language, rather than business speak that can be hard to follow!
Can't wait to get started xx

Thanks so much for the review Sarah. All the best for your business growth.

Dionne Stroebel
A fun, affordable way to access the brain of a successful business owner

This game is like having your own personal business mentor - one you can use when you need, and at your own pace, for very little cost.

It covers the big tasks, and also has quick, easily achievable wins. So even if you’re feeling a bit lost with the bigger picture, you’ll soon feel the positive boost of being back on track.

Cat’s background stories and explanations are fascinating and inspiring. You don’t have to do things the way she did, but she includes some great, data-backed pointers that will help you navigate the world of a small business owner and map out your own successes.

Thanks so much Dionne for your review and support. Keep smashing it!

A transformative resource for the modern entrepreneur

Cat’s Guide to Not Getting Lost in Business is a game-changer. This unique format consisting of card deck and working notebook presents thought-provoking questions that challenge old paradigms, inspire new ideas, and provide deeper insights to help shape your decisions.

Whether you dive in randomly or work sequentially through the book, you'll find yourself gaining a renewed perspective. Cat's insights, drawn from her own incredible business journey, are woven with expertise and a generous spirit, making this book a beacon of inspiration.

This is not just a book—it's a toolkit for refocusing your business, filling in gaps you didn't know you had, and sparking innovation. It's a truly valuable resource that you'll want to keep within arm's reach, always ready to guide you through your entrepreneurial challenges. Highly recommended for anyone looking to elevate their business thinking and strategy.

Thank you so much for the review. I can't tell you how much we appreciate all this early feedback and support.

Absolutely brilliant!

I've been in business for 5 years now, and there are often days when I feel completely lost. I immediately turn to this game. Thanks, Cat! We all need fresh perspectives to navigate challenges and spark innovative thinking. This game doesn't provide the answers but offers strategies to tackle both new and old challenges in business

Thank you so much for the review and for letting us make those lost days more fun!