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Getting Lost Travel Blog

Getting Lost the Travel Blog began in 2014. It was born shortly after Cat and James rekindled their relationship after a 20+ year break.

It was the love child of two people who just couldn’t be more different. James, a Joiner from the Hauraki Plains, was fearless – hunting and gathering, exploring shipwrecks, jumping into hidden water holes and sliding down hills.

Cat, a Strategist in an Auckland Advertising Agency and part time photographer knew a lot of restaurants, was constantly on the hunt for the perfect photo and had an infallible knack for getting lost. Oh and then there’s the 3 daughters they were now trying to bring together.

It was a brilliant, beautiful, messy chaos – full with wonderful exploration and a random adventure of getting lost that started it all. So now they’ve amassed over 200 stories, they’ve built a big, wonderful community who love random adventure too and they’ve created a travel adventure game that’s sold more than 100,000 games around the world.

You can find our latest adventures here or explore by destination below.

Recent posts

Paraparaumu Beach

Pick a path - Auckland to Wellington two ways

My favourite poem is Robert Frost’s Road Less Travelled. In fact this blog was almost called The Untravelled Road, until we settled on Getting Lost and well, the rest is history. The...
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Interislander - your holiday on the way to your holiday

We could have flown from Auckland to Nelson in one and a half hours. Instead, we took the long way. 13 and a half hours according to Google Maps – a bit...
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Gibbs Farm

Gibbs Farm - the amazing sculpture collection that you can't pay to visit

I first saw Gibbs Farm about 8 years ago. I’d met up with some friends to photograph the waterfall at Omeru Falls and spotted on the horizon these impossibly huge sculptures –...
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5 amazing finds on the outskirts of Rotorua

5 amazing finds on the outskirts of Rotorua

Covid has made even the most organised holiday planners more your “fly by the seat of your pants / book last minute” types. To be honest it’s not a bad thing when...
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Secret Spot Rotorua

Boil ups and moments of zen at the Secret Spot in Rotorua

I’ve been seeing Secret Spot coming up on my Instagram feed for the past year since they opened and I’ve been dying to go and try it out. On our most recent...
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Kerosene Creek

Kerosene Creek - Hot Water Waterfalls and Water Holes

I’d heard about Kerosene Creek and it had been on my list of things to do in Rotorua for so long now. There always seemed to be a reason not to go...
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Waipu Caves

9 tips for exploring the Waipu Caves

Waipu Caves have been on my list for a while. I’ve driven past the sign a few times now but they’ve never seemed particularly keen. So this time it was just me...
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Coco Cabana

The little cabin in the clearing - Coco Cabana

So I bet you can’t get the Coco Cabana song out of your head now either (you’re welcome) and I bet you, like me, only know the chorus too. And perhaps like...
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Marsden Estate

Spirit animal ducks, giant antipasto platters and sensational chardonnay at Marsden Estate

We’re long time fans of a good vineyard lunch. It’s just everything I love all wrapped up into one irresistible package – out of the city, great views, amazing food and great...
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Helena Bay Gallery

Taking the long way to Russell

I’ve only ever been to Russell on the ferry from Paihia. Which means I go on foot, which means (remembering I’m rather lazy) that I only ever explore a couple of streets...
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Lupton Lodge

Lodges and fancy dinners on the outskirts of Whangarei

All to often we can pick a spot by how close it is to the city centre but when you are wanting to get away from it all, sometimes it’s about how...
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Orewa Te Ara Tahuna Estuary

8 things to know about the Te Ara Tahuna (Orewa) Estuary Walkway

I love walking. But I hate hills. Blame it on my early life in Christchurch on the flat for my early conditioning to the wide flat easy walking streets. Or perhaps it...
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Get Lost in Pahia

9 tips to tame the budget in Paihia

It’s just so easy to spend money in Paihia – there are just so many amazing things to do and a lot of them are quite pricey. I know first hand just...
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Waitete Bay At Sunset

5 ways to play the Getting Lost Game in school holidays

School holidays are almost upon us again. For those of us in Auckland that have just gone through another 3 weeks of homeschooling this term it feels like the term hasn’t even...
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How to plan the perfect Coromandel escape with teenagers

How to plan the perfect Coromandel escape with teenagers

It’s tough to figure out what your teenagers will like at the best of times. So to say I was feeling a bit of pressure around planning the perfect Coromandel escape for...
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Paihia Countdown Online Shopping

The easiest (and potentially longest) trip to the supermarket ever!

We don’t like to do things the usual way. It’s generally a lot less fun and a bit too predictable for our liking. We’re a bit of a “give it a whirl...
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Rangitoto Island

The lazy girls guide to conquering Rangitoto Island…

The green rugged symmetrical landscape of Rangitoto is such an iconic feature of the Auckland skyline that you’d be forgiven for not knowing that up close this features an assortment of brightly...
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nd settled in for a while to have a picnic lunch up the top and take in those amazing views.

Snorkelling at Motutapu Island

We well and truly caught the snorkelling bug in the Poor Knights. So when we saw that EMR were going out Motutapu for a day snorkelling (for just $25 per person including...
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